January 5, 2008



            Hello, I’m a two thousand eight republican candidate of the United States of America, and this is what I would do of I was elected, I’m not a lawyer, but my choice for Vice President is a lawyer, and if something happen to me he would stay the course, and he is a demo crate from Mass chutes

Now I want to start America on a three hundred year odyssey to save the world by building Dome Homes, first in America, then around the world . Now the goal is

to have a minimum standard of living around the world. Next I would used Americas military services build the dome homes.

            However I can’t pay the current soldiers salary, and their will be no insurances of any type available, because Americas broke, I also wouldn’t be able to pay federal employees, except in critical areas, and they would be replaced with cheaper labor. Next I would tell the nation Americas broke and the nation well be a cash only transaction country, then I would explain what is a cash only transaction country, their well be no use of credit, debts cards, no personnel checks cash transactions, except bank cashers checks, and employers checks over two thousand dollars and taxed at the current rate, and the people making less than two thousand dollars and paid in cash no taxes and no social security numbers to work in America, and their will be a federal sales tax for all American, and tax refund for people making more than two thousand dollars a month.

            Next I would tell the nation there is no insurances to fall back on, the invention of insurances have cause a national security crises because everything is inflated due to insurances, also insurances inflate the cost of goods causing people to work long therefore causing pollution.

            Furthermore, I would tell the world Americas broke and we can’t pay our debts but< America will pay twenty-five percent of what owed to them or nothing because of Americas financial problems, and Americas new goals to greenhouse gases, no gun control, which is one of the most important, would you travel out at night if their was no gun control, and no insurances would you buy a one, two, or a three hundred thousand dollar house if their was no insurance, or a fifty thousand dollar Hummer, the building of Dome Homes structures that house less than five thousand people, cash only transactions, no credit, debt used no personal checks cashed, and a minimum standard of living for all.

            Next I would tell all the retirees Americas broke, and Federal employees will have a one time offer of receiving fifty percent of all the money paid into their retirement systems or nothing I can only hope the states, and private retirement systems will follow, and for the same reasons, I told the world, Americas broke.

            America will file bankruptcy, because we are broke, and the courts will repay all if their any left, this action will help save the environment.

            Last I will need a new army with a new mission,” OPERATION GLOBLE L WARMING”, which is building Dome Homes and taming the nations deserts, and then

the worlds deserts, also I would withdraw up to ninety-five percent of all troops around the world.


Contribution, can be mailed to

Committee to build Dome Homes

Bob Leonard For than

6304 N.E. 23rd

Portland Oregon 97211


Open Letter

December 29, 2007

TO THE STAFF FOR WHERE THIS LETTER WAS RECEIVED AMERICA NEEDS YOU, THEIR ARE MORE HAVE NO-TS, THAN THEIR ARE THOUGHS .WHO HAVE, HELP ELECT A POOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. THIS LETTER IS FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER VOTED, I’M A 2008 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, AND AMERICA NEEDS YOU, BECAUSE IF YOU DON;T EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE THE WHOLE PLANET MAYBE LOSSED, DUE TO OUR LIFE STYLES. AND THEIR ARE MORE PEOPLE WHO DON’T VOTE IN THE U.S. THAN PEOPLE WHO VOTE, AND YOUR VOTES CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCES. PLEASE READ MY THOUGHTS Dear Presidential Candidates I’m a 2008, Presidential candidate, and I can’t get my word out, I’m under educated, but I read well, I’m poor only because it’s a state of mine, meaning I’m rich depending on who I’m talking to, but I have high hopes, the 2008, presidential political forums have shut out the lesser known candidates, but I would like to prove a point, you don’t have to be rich, or be well educated to be president of the United States of America, and one person can change the world with a few good thoughts, I’m calling this thought, “HOW TO TAME A DESERT’, WATER RECOVERY FOR THE DESERT. Most rivers never dry up, so put two pipes in a river, one intake to pull the water out of the river, and one outtake to put the water back into the river, put a few filters to keep the pipes clean, next pump water from the intake pipe to a reservoir that will holed a million gallons of water, cover the million gallon reservoir to control evaporation, next using solar power make something simple, the covered reservoir, put magnifying glasses on the cover and let nature do the rest, now the inside of the reservoir will heat up and the water well condense, then like a old whisky still, have coiled pipes to collect the condensed water, this is good drinking water in the middle of any desert, then build thousands of reservoirs for the new cities, farms, and help global warm. Also, for generating electricity used the outtake pipe the water going back to the river, because the water will be cooler due to the magnifying glasses in the intake pipe to help condense the river water for drinking, put generators at different locations, so gravity can keep the reservoir water moving,[ ABOVE GROUND RESERVOIRS WITH PLUMMING AT THE BOTTOM OF RESERVOIR ], with a million gallons of water pressure the generators should run twenty-four a day. How the generators work is pretty simple, first the water is siphoned from the main outtake pipe, second the siphoned water goes to a container reservoir using pressure and gravity, third as the water is returning to the main pipe the water turns a generator propeller blade creating electricity for cities, farms in the middle of any desert, and most of the water should return to the river, except for water used for farming. In my opinion this is so simple, but our nations best and brightest who want to be Americas next President would not even dream of America trying to tame our deserts, or help solve Africa problems with water and farming. I have five environmental reasons for why I want to become the next U.S. president, These reasons are: to make America a cash only transaction country, to build environmentally efficient Dome Homes, stop the invention of insurance, to establish the, “no gun” control and effect a minimum standard of living for all people, also read my thoughts on housing. Dome Homes All Dome Homes will be made of concrete and sand, and between the walls, and inside. The wall will be sand and heating cores. All heating core will be on twenty-four seven and three hundred and sixty five days a year, or never off as you can imagine will the domes be like a cave with no sun to heat them up. Now using wind turbines generators to heat the heating cores, and then the wind is not blowing, plain old electricity will be used as blowers to move the heat from dome home walls to hallway and tenants suites, and if elected I’ll give a tax break to al new constructions that use this ideal in construction. Inside each suite their will be two types of heating, one will be the bicycle type, an exercising bike with a generator that produce heat. The longer a person peddle the warmer their suite will be, second will be an coin machine type, for example, some people will be happy with just heat from the walls cores, and others happy from peddle power, but if both do not heat you enough the you put a quarter in a machine and it will produce heat for about an hour and you repeat till your happy. How To Feed People In Dome Homes-First since there are about two to five thousand tenant suites in each Dome Home and feed the many people will not be easy, but I will try, by building green house domes and growing many crops year around, for example strawberries in December, or cabbage in a Oregon winter. I again will use wind turbines generators to heat and light the green house dome, most of the green houses will only be needed about six months out of the year, and the other six months crops will be grown outside. I’m hoping for total employment from all tenants a few hours a day, also animal care is a second problem feeding this many people year round, as crops I will build a large greenhouse/barns for animal to be eaten year round, I will breed and feed all types of animal for food, pets will not be allow in dome homes, but if a tenants has a pet they can keep it inside green house/barn domes, till their pets dies, all pets are fixed before being house inside greenhouse/barn domes, tenants can have fish, turtles, some snakes for pets. Next water for tenants, I will build million gallons reservoirs with cover to stop evaporation with each dome home built, also pipe lines from rivers will be built to keep the million gallons recoveries full, each dome home will have the ability to collect all rain that falls onto the dome and all dome homes will have their own water treatment plant. Health and Sex and the Dome Home-Sex at the dome homes will be a boom for some at the same time some girls and guys just don’t care how many people touch them, some tenants will have many partners every night and day all the government Can so is keep track of the S.T.D.s, treat people and keep them away from the other tenants. In dome home living well will be able to play cards, shoot pool to pass time. Health care will be limited most illnesses are over before the start, but some illnesses are more severe and those people including myself should be willing to die for the many to help the few. I’m not a doctor a doctor and I feel only doctor should make that call. Their will be day care for people with children, their will be care for the old in good health, and every culture should have old people. Note: If a person home is their castle, then drugs and alcohol should be legal in your own home. I feel that anything smoke-able should be legal, I would like every dome home illegal and legal drugs sold over the counter, so their won’t be any legal problem with a clause for every sell, if this drug will make you too sick you may die!, also no cigarettes sold or smoked at all dome homes. Please send any contributions to: Committee to build dome homes Bob Leonard Forthan 6304 N.E. 23rd ave Portland, Oregon 97211


December 27, 2007

Clause to my open letter!

We live in extreme times, with Hurricans, Tornades, clyclones, over ninty inches of rain in forty days in paradise, Hawaii, Americans that die in my Open letter will be known as caretakers of the world, helping the many, and no the few.

Hello my name is Bob Leonard Forthan, I’m a Repblican, I’m fifth-five years old, and I want to be Americas next President, and I have five environmental extreme reasons.

Make America a cash only transactions country, Build Dome Homes, stop the invention of insurances, no gun control, and a minimum standard of  living for all  americans.

First, I want to make America a cash only country, cash only transactions will help save the environment, no debt,credit cards used, no checks written under two-thousand cashed, cash only and no taxes to all the people who make under two-thousands dollars a month, this should keep everyone within their budget. Note banks can electronically deposit and issue cashers checks.

Second I want to build Dome Homes, to house less than five-thousand people using the nations valleys to build the dome homes, all tenents will have their own personal computor, cell phone, and micro wave oven, tenents will hve a choice of when, where they eat , for example, their will be twenty-four , seven buffet eating at all dome homes, their also be Burger Kings,  Mc Donalds, all types of stores to shop from, left over food will be frozen and ate later. we are the nucular familes and if ever used the force of the bomb should travel over the domes

theird, I want to stop the invention of insurances, stopping the invention of insurances  will help save the environment, for example, cars sell for fifteen thousand dollaars new, one week later, it’s only worth ten-thousand, however if wrecked one week later it’s still worth fifteen-thousands, we have americans stopping fast, opening doors just to collect insurance, who will buy a fifty thousand dollar Hummer, or a one, two, or three hundred-thousand dollar house if their was no insurances, health care is out control a week stay in the hospitial can cost more than thirty-thousand dollars, billed to insurance, for everyone that diees form no health insurance thats environmental savings, I’m worth more died than alive due to life insurance, my friend are worth nothing due to no life insurance.

Forth, no gun control, I believe that people should be able to keep their property, cash, cars, houses are things to die for, and we have the haves, and the have-nots. the haves want to keep their property by any means possible, and the have-nots want to take the haves property by any means possible, and for everyone that dies by anothers hand thats environmental savings, guns don’t kill people, people kill people, murders will go to prison, defenders of property go free, fair gunfights go free, and I repeat for everyone that dies by anothers hand thats environmental savings.

Fifth, a minimun standard of living for all americans, a place to live for all americans, a place to eat for all americans, apersonal computor, cell-phone micro-wave oven for all americans, I hope the United Nations make America minimum standard of living a modle for the world.

December 27, 2007

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December 27, 2007

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